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Road to Charasuke Translation

I managed to translate track06  the drama CD (the SasuHina one) 

Please take note that I’m not accurate with my translation and they might not be 100% correct.

[EDIT] Thank you Terru-chan for helping!

Sasuke: Oi Hinata, let me go already.

Sasuke:  You’re really weird (he’s using “wakaranai yatsu “, which kind of means someone he doesn’t understand) Why did you bring me here after cutting me off?

Hinata: B-Because, it looked like it was going well…

Sasuke: Huh? What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it what you wished for?

Hinata: N-No, I never wished for anything like this!

Sasuke: ‘W-what’s with her? Suddenly saying something cute.  Moreover, she’s looking at me with teary eyes. Shit, what is this strange phenomenon* (not exactly sure what he said, but something along the line) I’m getting a huge effect from Hinata’s “tsun” to “dere” effect.

Hinata: I will never accept the two of you getting close together!

Sasuke: Oh, I get it.

*Ino leaves Hinata’s body*

Hinata: Ouh, where am I? And why the f*ck are you here, Sasuke?! (she use “Yagaru” to indicate hatred and contempt)

Sasuke: you’re the one who brought me here. But more importantly…I’m sorry I didn’t notice until now.

Hinata: Ewww, why are you suddenly so happy?! (“nekonadegoe” means “a cat that looks happy being caressed”, suddenly sounded happy *thanks Terru-chan!) You’re disgusting!

Sasuke: Don’t be shy now. The truth is, you like me right?

Hinata: Eh? Ehhh!?

Sasuke: if you think about it, I should have noticed it from the start. That’s why you wanted me to help you with your wish and I collaborated. But, in the end, you can’t hide your true feelings for me.

Hinata: That’s not it!

Sasuke: Shhh, you don’t have to say any more, Koneko-chan.

Sasuke: Really, you really had me fooled going ‘Menma, Menma’. Come here, I ‘ll return your feelings back. (he’s pretty much saying he accepts her ‘feelings for him)

Hinata: I said that’s not it!

*punches Sasuke*

Hope it helps :)

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